Did you know Global Internet Traffic Increases up to 30%?

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Internet Traffic rises due to Covid-19 lockdowns

It is quite clear that this growth is a result of the lock downs. Shared graph that demonstrated how traffic in China, South Korea, Japan and Italy changed after their respective governments imposed lock downs. Normally, the aggregated growth rate of these four countries would be roughly 80% to 85% of the rest of the world. But around 10 February, the traffic in those four countries over the next four weeks jumped by 30% more than the traffic growing in the rest of the world.

People around the world are also beginning to use the internet for all sorts of online services. Share of internet transactions (over transactions as a whole) had been steadily growing at 2% per annum, and originally forecasted to be 16% at the end of 2020. “I think when we get to the end of the year, we’re going to see a much higher percentage of commerce being done online.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bilal Badar https://www.linkedin.com/in/bilal-badar/



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